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Language Services

SpectraCorp supports the core mission of healthcare organizations to provide the best care for ALL patients. We take this mission seriously by offering interpretation and translation services to facilitate communication among patients, providers and administrators.

Rural Health Subsidy Support

Is your healthcare organization missing out on free money?
You could be if you haven't participated in the Federal Communications Commission's $400 million Rural Healthcare Program, which provides funding to eligible health care providers (HCPs) for...

California Teleconnect fund

Did you know there is an institution that gives $92 million each year to community nonprofits, including hospitals and other healthcare delivery organizations, in California for their telecommunications charges?

Telecom Expense Management

Analysts consistently report that telecom carriers make regular billing errors at a rate of 50% or more…

About us

Since 1991, SpectraCorp has provided behind-the-scenes telecommunications support to more than 1700 customers nationwide, with a special focus on where the healthcare and telecom industries intersect. SpectraCorp's executive team has unrivaled telecom industry experience – over 100 years combined – which allows its customers to focus on their mission of providing excellent care to patients.